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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Block-1 History And Development Of Physical AnthropologySinha, Rashmi; Venkatramana, P.
2020Block-1 Introduction to Archaeological AnthropologyVenkatramana, P.; Bhattacharya, D.K.; Ray, Ranjana; Venkatramana, Palla
2020Block-1 Palaeoanthropology and Primate EvolutionSaini, Monika; Sinha, Rashmi; Venkatramana, P.; Gaur, Rajan; Patra, P. K.
2017Block-2 Human EvolutionVashisht; Venkatramana, P.; Gaur, Rajan
2020Block-2 Human Evolution and EvolutionVenkatramana, P.; Kapoor, A. K.; Sen, Jaydip; Sinha, Rashmi; Singh, S.P.; Gaur, Rajan
2019Block-2 Understanding human variation and thoughts and theories of evolutionVenkatramana, P.; Sen, Jaydip; Kapoor, A.K.; Sinha, Rashmi
2021Block-3 Specific Essential aspects in ResearchMehta, Shalina; Venkatramana, P.; Khattri, Prashant; Das, Mitoo
2018Block-5 Advanced Areas In Practicing AnthropologyJasuja, O.P.; Venkatramana, P.; Sarkar, R.N.
2018Block-7 Practical In Human GeneticsVenkatramana, P.
2017Block-8 Practical In Physical AnthropologySinha, Rashmi; Venkatramana, P.
2020Unit-1 Origin and Scope of Archaeological AnthropologyVenkatramana, P.; Bhattacharya, D.K.
2017Unit-1 Osteology And Instruments UsedVenkatramana, P.
2017Unit-1 Principles Of EvolutionVenkatramana, P.
2018Unit-1 SerologyVenkatramana, P.
2018Unit-2 Genetical TraitsVenkatramana, P.
2018Unit-2 Human Genetics And SocietyVenkatramana, P.
2020Unit-2 Life Through Ages and Dating MethodsVenkatramana, P.
2017Unit-2 Theories Of Organic EvolutionVenkatramana, P.
2020Unit-3 Methods of Studying Archaeological AnthropologyRay, Ranjana; Venkatramana, P.
2018Unit-3 Molecular TraitsVenkatramana, P.