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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Block-1 An Introduction to CSharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-1 Artificial Intelligence-IntroductionJayswal, Anant Kumar; Arvind; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-1 Digital Images Processing-IChoaudhary, Ayesha; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-1 Elementary Logic and ProofsSharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-2 Artificial Intelligence-Knowledge RepresentationKumar, Manish; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-2 Digital Images Processing–IIChoaudhary, Ayesha; Sharma, Sudhansh
2021Block-2 Functions, Structures, Pointers and File Handling In CSharma, Sudhansh
2021-04Block-2 Object oriented programming in Python, testing and debuggingKoggalahewa, DN; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-2 Sets, Relations and FunctionsSharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-3 Computer Vision-IChoaudhary, Ayesha; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-3 Counting PrinciplesSharma, Sudhansh
2021-04Block-3 Data handling, mobile application and GUI development using PythonKoggalahewa, DN; Sharma, Sudhansh
2021Block-3 Introduction to Python ProgrammingGarg, Sarita Bansal; Bisht, Jyoti; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-3 Machine Learning-IGopal, Venu; Kumar, Parmod; Kumar, Sachin; Sharma, Sudhansh
2021Block-4 Advance Features in PythonKumar, Parmod; Goel, Sofia; Sharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-4 Computer Vision-IIS. Indu; Singh, Vipula; Sharma, Sudhansh
2021Block-4 Cyber Security and IT ActSharma, Sudhansh; Shree, Deep; Sharma, Vinita; Kesharwani, Subodh
2023Block-4 Graph TheorySharma, Sudhansh
2023Block-4 Machine Learning-IIKwatra, Divya; Goel, Sofia; Kesharwani, Sanyukta; Sharma, Sudhansh
2020Block-5 Spreadsheets and Business ApplicationsSharma, Sudhansh; Sharma, Durgansh