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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Session-10 Two Sample TestsSangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Session-11 Analysis of VarianceSangal, Prabhat Kumar; Tailor, Rajesh
2017Session-12 Design of ExperimentsSangal, Prabhat Kumar; Tailor, Rajesh
2017Session-9 One Sample TestsSangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-1 Introduction to Sampling DistributionSangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-1 Introduction toStatistical Quality ControlDubey, Jayant; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-10 Large Sample TestsShukla, Diwakar; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-11 Small Sample TestsShukla, Diwakar; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-12 Chi-Square and F-TestsShukla, Diwakar; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-13 One-Sample TestsDubey, Vyas; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-14 Two-Sample TestsDubey, Vyas; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-15 K-Sample TestsSangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-16 Analysis of FrequenciesSangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-2 Control Charts for VariablesDubey, Jayant; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-2 Sampling Distribution(s) of Statistic(s)Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-3 Control Charts for AttributesDubey, Jayant; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-3 Standard Sampling Distributions-ISangal, Prabhat Kumar; Trivedi, Manish
2017Unit-4 Control Chart for DefectsDubey, Jayant; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar
2017Unit-4 Standard Sampling Distributions-IISangal, Prabhat Kumar; Trivedi, Manish
2017Unit-5 Acceptance Sampling PlansDubey, Jayant; Sangal, Prabhat Kumar