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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Block-1 Life Skills an OverviewFarooquee, N.A.; Nemching, Grace Don; Pattanaik, B. K.
2021Block-2 CSR Culture and DiversityChaturvedi, Alka; Nemching, Grace Don; Dinesh, Agrawal; Dash, Manoj K.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.; Varghese, Nisha
2021Block-2 Managing Human Life SkillsGupta, Smita; Nemching, Grace Don; Pattanaik, B.K.
2018Block-3 Dynamics of Development-IINemching, Grace Don; Sahoo, Sadanand
2021Block-3 Managing Skills at WorkplaceNemching, Grace Don; Pattanaik, B K
2021Block-3 Stakeholder EngagementNarendran, Rajeshwari; Nemching, Grace Don; Saxena, Niti; Dave, Deeksha; Dash, Manoj K.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.; Varghese, Nisha
2019Block-3 Urban Infrastructure-IIPattanaik, B.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Rao, P.S.N.; Nemching, Grace Don; Farooquee, Nehal
2018Block-4 Dynamics of Development-IIINemching, Grace Don; Mohsin, Nadeem; Sahoo, Sadanand
2021Block-4 Key Thematic Areas in CSR-IIThomas, Vinoy; Dave, Deeksha; Nemching, Grace Don; Varghese, Nisha
2021Block-4 Skills in CommunicationJohry, Geetika; Dey, Niradhar; Pattanaik, B.K.; Nemching, Grace Don
2021Block-5 Social SkilisFarooquee, N .A.; Nanda, Silima; Yadav, Asha; Nemching, Grace Don; Pattanaik, B K
2021Block-6 Building of Physical and Mental SkillsMishra, Amitav; Puthenedam, Radhika; Pattanaik, B.K.; Nemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-1 Goal Setting and Goal AchievementNemching, Grace Don
2017-03-31Unit-1 Women, Tribe And RegionNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-2 NGOs and CooperativesNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-2 Self Confidence and Self RelianceNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-2 TeamworkNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-3 Creative, Innovative and Positive ThinkingNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-3 Entrepreneurship and WelfareNemching, Grace Don
2021Unit-3 Problem SolvingNemching, Grace Don