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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Block-1 Concept of Sustainable DevelopmentSapru, R. K.; Mahajan, Anupama Puri; Dhameja, Alka
2022Block-1 Governance IssuesMahajan, Anupama Puri; Chopra, Sandhya; Sapru, R.K.; Dhameja, Alka
2022Block-1 Introduction to Public Finance and AdministrationMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Block-2 Budgeting and Budgetary SystemsMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Block-3 Government BudgetingMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Block-4 Resource MobilisationMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Block-5 Accounts and AuditMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Block-6 Financial ControlMahajan, Anupama Puri; Medury, Uma
2022Unit-1 Challenges of GlobalisationMahajan, Anupama Puri; Chopra, Sandhya
2022Unit-1 Public Finance: Meaning, Types, Distinction between Public and Private FinanceMahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-10 Tax Administration In India: Types of Taxes in India, Methods of Taxation (Role of Central Board of Direct Taxes and Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs)Mahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-11 Accounting System in India: Classification of Government Accounts, Accounting System in India, Scheme of Departmentalisation of AccountsMahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-12 Auditing System in India: Concept and Types of Auditing, Functions and Role of Comptroller and Auditor General of IndiaMahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-13 Financial Control of Parliament over Executive: Nature of Financial control and Instruments of Parliamentary ControlMahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-14 Financial Committees – Parliamentary Committees in India (Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee, Committee on Public Undertakings)Mahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-2 Financial Administration: Nature, Scope, Importance and PrinciplesMahajan, Anupama Puri
2021Unit-2 Major Components of Sustainable DevelopmentMahajan, Anupama Puri
2021Unit-3 Approaches to Sustainable DevelopmentMahajan, Anupama Puri
2022Unit-3 Fiscal Federalism: Principles, Centre-state Financial Relations, Finance CommissionMahajan, Anupama Puri
2021Unit-4 Goals of Sustainable DevelopmentMahajan, Anupama Puri