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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2022Block-1 Lifelong Learning : What, When, Where and How?Dey, Niradhar; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth; Reddy, M. V. Lakshmi
2018Block-1 Pedagogy of Social SciencesBasantia, Tapan; Sukhvinder; Dash, N. K.; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth; Dey, Niradhar
2018Block-1 Understanding Childhood and AdolescenceLetha Ram Mohan; Puri, Amita; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2021Block-1 Understanding CurriculumAnu G.S; Joseph, K.S.; Reddy, Upender; S.A. Moin; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Block-2 Growing Up : Infancy to AdulthoodAgnihotri, Kamakshi; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth; Sood, Siddhi; Ansari, Mehnaz
2021Block-2 Teaching and LearningJoseph, K.S.; Sood, Siddhi; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Block-2 Techniques and Tools of Assessment and EvaluationAjith Ku. C; Rao, Gaurav; Dey, Niradhar; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2021Block-3 Classroom and Resource ManagementSridevi, K. V.; Sood, Siddhi; Mohan Roy, Letha Ram; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Block-3 Content Based Methodology : History And Political ScienceKuruvilla, Elizabeth; Pandey, Sharad; Basantia, Tapan Kumar; Sood, Vishal
2018Block-3 ICT and PedagogyDas, Moumita; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth; Dash, N.K.; Singh, Gaurav
2021Block-4 Assessment and EvaluationMohan Roy, Letha Ram; P. D. Subhash; Ram, Sulekha; Sukhvinder; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2020-07-22Master of Arts in Adult Education MAAE ProgrammeKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Unit-1 Concept of Childhood and AdolescenceKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Unit-10 Events and ProcessesKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Unit-11 ICT and AssessmentKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2021Unit-14 Assessing AbilitiesKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2021Unit-15 ICT and AssessmentKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2021Unit-3 Curriculum DevelopmentReddy, Upender; Kuruvilla, Elizabeth
2022Unit-3 Places and Societies of Lifelong LearningKuruvilla, Elizabeth
2018Unit-4 Planning and Organizing Teaching Learning ExperiencesKuruvilla, Elizabeth