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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Block-2 Guides and EscortsKumar, Ravindra; Singh, A. K.; Shetti, B. V.; Sankhala, Pradeep
2018Block-2 Tourism IndustryRao, Neena; Kumar, Kapil; Kumar, Ravindra; Ravindran, G.
2018Block-4 Tourism Services and Operations-lISankhala, Pradeep; Kumar, Ravindra
2018Block-7 Tourism : The Cultural HeritageKumar, Kapil; Kumar, Ravindra; Khan, A. R.
2018Block-8 Learning From OthersPuri, Manisha; Khan, A. R.; Kumar, Hemant; Kumar, Ravindra; Neemrana, Aman Nath
2021Theme-5 Visual CultureKumar, Ravindra; Mishra, Shailka; Kumar, Mayank
2021Theme-IV Religion and CultureBahuguna, R.P.; Kumar, Ravindra; Khanna, Priyanka; Singh, Abha
2021Theme-IV Religious Ideas and Visual CultureBahuguna, Rameshwar; Kumar, Ravindra; Singh, Abha
2021Unit-13 ArchitectureKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-14 Paintings and Fine ArtsKumar, Ravindra
2018Unit-15 Guide and EscortsKumar, Ravindra
2018Unit-16 Tourism Information : SourcesKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-17 Architecture and PaintingKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-17 Temples, Mosques, and Dargahs: Forms, Contexts and MeaningsKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-18 Palaces, Forts, Mausoleums and Public Works: Forms, Contexts and MeaningsKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-19 PaintingKumar, Ravindra
2021Unit-2 Delhi Sultanate : Consolidation and ExpansionKhan, Iftikhar Ahmad; Kumar, Ravindra
2018Unit-26 Monuments and MuseumsKumar, Ravindra
2018Unit-27 Living Culture and Performing ArtsKumar, Ravindra
2018Unit-30 Highway Services : Haryana TourismKumar, Ravindra