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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Block-1 HIV and AIDS : Nature and EpidemiologyKaushik, Archana
2020Block-1 HIV and AIDS: nature and epidemiologyKaushik, Archana; Jose, Sonny
2022Block-1 Social Research and Social Work ResearchKaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2022Block-2 Approaches to Social Work ResearchKaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2021Block-2 Contemporary MethodsAdusumalli, Malathi; Jainer, Namita; Jose, Minimol K; Ramya, N.; Kaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2022Block-2 Social Action for Social ChangeAntony, Beena; Kaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2022Block-3 Social Work Research ProcessBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2022Block-4 Data Processing and TabulationBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana; Guin, Sayantani
2020Block-4 Understanding and responding to stigma and discriminationAbell, Neil; Cesnales, Nicole; Jose, Sonny; Kaushik, Archana
2020Unit-1 AIDS, nature and demographyKaushik, Archana
2022Unit-1 Basic Tenets of ResearchKaushik, Archana
2022Unit-1 Data Processing: Editing, Coding and MeasurementBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana
2022Unit-1 Qualitative Approach and Methods IKaushik, Archana
2022Unit-1 Social Action: Concept and PrinciplesAntony, Beena; Kaushik, Archana
2022Unit-1 The Research Process: StepsBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana
2022Unit-2 Data Analysis, Interpretation and Report WritingBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana
2022Unit-2 Qualitative Approach and Methods IIKaushik, Archana
2022Unit-2 Research DesignsBatra, Sushma; Kaushik, Archana
2020Unit-2 Social and economic implicationsKaushik, Archana
2022Unit-2 Social Work Research: Meaning, Scope and UsesKaushik, Archana