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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2024Block-1 ElectrostaticsVijayshri; Jha, S.R.; Gokhale, S.
2024Block-1 Maxwell’s Equations, and Electromagnetic waves and Dynamics of Charged ParticlesMittal, A. K.; Jha, S.R.; Gokhale, S.
2021Block-1 Waves - An IntroductionJha, S.R.; Gupta, Sanjay
2024Block-2 Electromagnetic Waves in Material MediaMittal, A.K.; Jha, S.R.; S. Gokhale
2021Block-2 InterferenceGupta, Sanjay; Jha, S.R.
2024Block-2 MagnetostaticsVijayshri; Jha, S.R.; Gokhale, S.
2018Block-2 Optical, Electrical and Electronic ApparatusVijayshri; Jha, S.R.; Lamba, Subhlakshmi
2021Block-3 DiffractionJha, S.R.; Gupta, Sanjay
2024Block-3 Radiating Systems and Radiation from Moving ChargesMittal, A.K.; Rao, Jyoti A.; Jha, S.R.; Gokhale, S.
2021Block-4 Lasers and Optical FibreGokhale, Shubha; Jha, S.R.; Gupta, Sanjay
2024Block-4 Special Theory of Relativity and ElectrodynamicsMukherjee, Amitabh; Jha, S.R.; Gokhale, S.
2018CLTL-104 Basic Experiments in PhysicsJha, S.R.; Gupta, Sanjay; Vijayshri; Gokhale, Shubha; Lamba, Subhlakshmi
2024MPHL-009 General Physics LaboratoryHashmi, S.A.; Jain, Chetana; Kumar, Ashok; V.H. Raybagkar; M.B. Newmai; Jha, S.R.
2021Unit-1 Wave MotionJha, S.R.
2024Unit-10 Dipole RadiationJha, S.R.; Rao, Jyoti A.
2021Unit-10 Fraunhofer DiffractionJha, S.R.
2021Unit-11 Diffraction GratingJha, S.R.
2024Unit-11 Radiation from Accelerated ChargesJha, S.R.; Rao, Jyoti A.
2021Unit-2 Superposition of WavesJha, S.R.
2021Unit-3 Acoustic WavesJha, S.R.