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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2009Block-2 Resources for DevelopmentDhingra, I. C.; Suryanarayanan, S. S.; Prakash, B. S.
2017Block-2 Resources in AgriculturePrasad, R. N.; Kumar, P. R.; Dhingra, I. C.; Dehadrai, P. V.
2012Block-3 Agricultural Development through the PlansSingh, S. P.; Dhingra, I. C.; Prakash, B. S.
2009Block-3 Fiscal and Monetary IssuesRao, R. Sudarshana; Dhingra, I. C.; Rao, Jagadeswara; Prakash, B. S.
2009Block-4 Agricultural SectorDhingra, I. C.; Prakash, B. S.
2021Block-4 Sector Specific Issues and PoliciesSharma, J. C.; Dhingra, I. C.; Arora, Chetali; Prasad, Narayan
2009Block-5 Industry and Services SectorDhingra, I. C.; Das, D. K.; Prakash, B. S.
2009Block-6 External SectorDhingra, I. C.; Prakash, B. S.
2009Block-7 Social Aspects of DevelopmentDhingra, I. C.; Saxena, P. K.; Rao, M.B. Shankar; Prakash, B. S.
2012Unit-1 Agriculture and Economic GrowthDhingra, I. C.; Prakash, B. S.
2009Unit-11 Taxation and Expenditure in IndiaDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-13 Phases in Agricultural DevelopmentDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-14 Impact of Green RevolutionDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-15 Agriculture, Productivity and Farmers’ WelfareDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-16 Industrial Policy and StrategyDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-20 Trade and DevelopmentDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-21 Empirical Aspects of Trade and Balance of PaymentsDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-22 Regional Trading ArrangementsDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-23 WTO and Challenges of New Trading and Financial SystemsDhingra, I. C.
2009Unit-24 Education and HealthDhingra, I. C.