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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2019BGYCL- 134 Crystallography, Mineralogy and Economic Geology : LaboratoryNishi Rani; Verma, Omkar; Gogoi, Kakoli; Mishra, Meenal; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2019Block-1 Crystallography and MineralogyMishra, Meenal; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2012Block-1 Overview of GeoinformaticsMurali, O. M.; Deshmukh, Benidhar; Gogoi, Kakoli; Mishra, Meenal
2019Block-2 MineralogyMishra, Meenal; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2022Block-3 Fundamentals of GeotectonicsSrivastava, Vaibhava; Chandra, Rakesh; Jain, Sreepat; Verma, Omkar; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2017Block-3 Image InterpretationDeshmukh, Benidhar; Gogoi, Kakoli; Kumar, Shamita; Mishra, Meenal
2019Block-3 Optical MineralogyMishra, Meenal; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2022Block-4 Plate Tectonics and MovementsSrivastava, Vaibhava; Jain, Sreepat; Verma, Omkar; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-11 Image TransformationDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-12 Aerial Photo InterpretationDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-13 Visual Image InterpretationDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-14 Digital Classification (Unsupervised)Deshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-15 Digital Classification (Supervised)Deshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-16 Ground Truthing and Accuracy AssessmentDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-21 Change AnalysisDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-23 Case StudyDeshmukh, Benidhar
2017Exercise-3 Data Importing and VisualisationDeshmukh, Benidhar; Shah, Dharmendra G.
2017Exercise-4 GeoreferencingDeshmukh, Benidhar; Shah, Dharmendra G.
2017Exercise-5 DigitisationDeshmukh, Benidhar; Shah, Dharmendra G.
2017Exercise-6 Editing Vector DataDeshmukh, Benidhar; Shah, Dharmendra G.