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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Block-1 Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingChhuneja, P. K.; Gatoria, G. S.
2018Block-2 Products Synthesized by BeesChhuneja, P. K.; Bhowmick, A. K.
2018Block-2 Seasonal and Specific ManagementGupta, J. K.; Gatoria, G. S.; Chhuneja, P. K.; Yadav, S. K.
2018Block-3 Marketing, Economics and Development ProgrammesChhuneja, P. K.; Yadav, S. K.
2017Exercise-1 Acquaintance with the Traditional and Modem Beekeeping Through Educational VisitChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-1 Identification of Bee EnemiesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-1 Visit to Honey Processing and Packaging IndustryChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-10 Honey Extraction ProcessChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-11 Fixing Comb Foundation and SuperingChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-12 Examination of Honey Bee ColoniesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-13 Techniques in Equalizing, Uniting, Dividing ColoniesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-14 Prevention of Swarming and Capturing SwarmChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-15 Technique in Locating Queen BeeChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-16 Judging Queen Bee QualityChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-17 Learning Screening for Selecting Breeder Colonies for Mass Rearing of Queen BeesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-18 Traditional Techniques in Mass Rearing of Queen BeesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-19 Commercial Technique in Mass Rearing of Queen BeesChhuneja, P. K.
2017Exercise-2 Identification of Honey Bee Species and CastesChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-2 Symptoms or Nature of DamageChhuneja, P. K.
2018Exercise-2 Wax Extraction and PurificationChhuneja, P. K.