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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021MDCP-007 Project Work (Handbook on Project Work)Selvan, K.S. Arul; Yadav, Ramesh
2022MNML-011 & MNMP-011 Digital Media HandbookSelvan, K.S. Arul
2020Unit- 15 InfographicsSelvan, K.S. Arul; Singh, Sumedha
2022Unit-1 Internet as a MediumSelvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-1 Understanding Media and Information Literacy (Mil)Selvan, K.S. Arul; Das, Madhumita
2023Unit-10 Freedom, Ethics and Social AccountabilitySelvan, K.S. Arul; Taneja, Aakriti
2023Unit-11 Internet as a MediumSelvan, K.S. Arul
2024Unit-11 Issues in Digital InequalitySelvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-12 Theories of Digital CommunicationSelvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-13 Participatory CultureSelvan, K.S. Arul
2022Unit-13 Production of News WebsiteSelvan, K.S. Arul
2022Unit-14 Health and ICTSelvan, K.S. Arul; K.C., Aruna
2023Unit-15 செய்தி இணையத்தளம் தயாரிப்பு முறைகள்Selvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-15 Internet and MarginalisationSelvan, K.S. Arul
2020Unit-15 Production of news websiteSelvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-15 தகவல் வரைபடம்Selvan, K.S. Arul; Singh, Sumedha
2023Unit-16 Conceptual Framework of Digital InequalitySelvan, K.S. Arul
2021Unit-16 Dimensions of Knowledge Society: Access and Equity IssuesSelvan, K.S. Arul
2023Unit-17 Global Media PoliciesSelvan, K.S. Arul
2021Unit-18 ICT and Knowledge Society: Challenges & OpportunitiesSelvan, K.S. Arul