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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 Introduction to PsychodiagnosticsRathore, Kiran
2020Block-2 Psychodiagnostics in PsychologyRathore, Kiran
2022Block-2 Treatment of Mental DisordersBansal, Aditi; Pushkarna, Megha; Rathore, Kiran; Sharma, Megha; Singh, Rachana; Pandey, Rashmi; P. Swati; Vora, Kshipra; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-3 Tests of Cognitive FunctionsRathore, Kiran
2020Block-4 Projective Techniques in PsychodiagnosticsRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-1 Introduction to Projective Techniques and Neuropsychological TestRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-1 Introduction to Psychodiagnostics, Definition Concept and DescriptionRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-1 Measures of Intelligence and Conceptual ThinkingRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-1 Objectives of PsychodiagnosticsRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-2 Different Stages in PsychodiagnosticsRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-2 Methods of Behavioural AssessmentRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-2 Principles of Measurement and Projective Techniques Current Status with Special Reference to the Rorschach TestRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-2 The Measurement of Conceptual Thinking (The Binet and Wechsler's Scales)Rathore, Kiran
2020Unit-3 Assessment in Clinical PsychologyRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-3 Batteries of Test and Assessment InterviewRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-3 Measurement of Memory and CreativityRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-3 The Thematic Apperception Test and Children's Apperception TestRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-4 Ethical Issues in AssessmentRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-4 Personality InventoriesRathore, Kiran
2020Unit-4 Report Writing and Recipient of ReportRathore, Kiran