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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Unit-1 Climate Change — An OverviewMohapatra, Subhakanta; Bahinipati, Chandra Sekhar
2021Unit-1 Concept of Family LifeMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-1 Global Change Vulnerability AssessmentUpadhyaya, Anshuman; Mohapatra, Subhakanta
2019Unit-1 Our environmentMohapatra, Subhakanta
2019Unit-1 Our environmentMohapatra, Subhakanta
2022Unit-10 Energy ResourcesMohapatra, Subhakanta
2022Unit-11 ForestryMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-11 Human MigrationMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-12 Representation of Climatic DataMohapatra, Subhakanta
2022Unit-14 Environmental Standards and MonitoringSharma, Sanjeev; Mohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-14 Graphs and DiagramsMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-15 LivelihoodMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-16 Local Level InitiativesMohapatra, Subhakanta; Bahinipati, Chandra Sekhar; Roy, Upendra Nath
2020Unit-2 Climate Change and Natural Resource SystemMohapatra, Subhakanta; Bahinipati, Chandra Sekhar
2021Unit-2 Family Life Education-Concept and MeaningMohapatra, Subhakanta
2021Unit-2 HIV/AIDS and ChildrenMohapatra, Subhakanta
2020Unit-2 Methodology for computing vulnerability indexMohapatra, Subhakanta; Upadhyaya, Anshuman; Shah, Shachi; Ramanan, V. Venkat; Ramanan, V. Venkat
2021Unit-2 Transmission of HIV Through BloodMohapatra, Subhakanta
2019Unit-3 Human Dimensions of Climate ChangeMohapatra, Subhakanta; Bahinipati, Chandra Sekhar
2020Unit-3 Map ScaleMohapatra, Subhakanta; Baraik, Vijay Kumar