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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2022Unit-1 Digitization of CitiesMalhotra, Charru
2021Unit-1 Introduction to E-commerceMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-10 E-Governance practice in Service Delivery of Rural Local GovernmentMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-10 Global and National Best Practices in Smart EducationMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-11 Basics of Smart GovernanceMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-12 Industry 4.0 and Smart Governance PracticesMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-13 E-Governance Practice in Service Delivery of Urban Local Government: Case StudiesMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-13 Evolution and Challenges of Smart GovernanceMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-14 Basics of Cyber Security, Types of Cyber Crimes and SafetyMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-15 Legal & Regulatory ProvisionsMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-16 New and Emerging TechnologiesMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-2 Digitization and Smart BuildingsMalhotra, Charru
2021Unit-2 E-Commerce Business ModelsMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-3 Digital Command and Control CentersMalhotra, Charru
2021Unit-3 Technology used in E-CommerceMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-4 Basics of Digital HealthMalhotra, Charru
2021Unit-4 Electronic GovernanceMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-5 Smart Health: Specific Application of Emerging Technologies in the Health DomainMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-6 Smart Health Management and NetworksMalhotra, Charru
2022Unit-7 Digital Health in India & ConcernsMalhotra, Charru