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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Experiment-2 Determination of Stefan’s Constant using Black Body RadiationParthasarthi; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2020Experiment-3 Determination of the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of Copper by Searle’s ApparatusParthasarthi; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2020Experiment-4 Determination of the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of a Bad Conductor by Lee and Charlton’s Disc MethodParthasarthi; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-1 Elementary Principles of Mechanics: A RevisionLamba, Subhalakshmi
2024Unit-1 Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics-IT.R. Seshadri; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2024Unit-1 Symmetry Transformations and Noether’s TheoremLamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-1 Wave-Particle DualityLamba, Subhalakshmi
2024Unit-10 Action-Angle VariablesLamba, Subhalakshmi
2024Unit-10 ScatteringTabish Qureshi; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-10 State Vectors and Linear OperatorsSeshadri, T.R.; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2021Unit-11 Barrier PotentialLamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-11 Observables and Quantum DynamicsSeshadri, T.R.; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2020Unit-12 Basic Concepts of Statistical MechanicsLamba, Subhalakshmi
2021Unit-12 Finite Potential WellLamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-12 Simple Harmonic Oscillator-IISeshadri, T.R.; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-13 Angular MomentumSeshadri, T.R.; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2020Unit-13 Classical StatisticsLamba, Subhalakshmi
2020Unit-14 Quantum StatisticsLamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-14 Spin Angular MomentumSeshadri, T.R.; Lamba, Subhalakshmi
2023Unit-2 Constrained Motion and the D'Alembert’s PrincipleLamba, Subhalakshmi