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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2022Block-4 Problems, Development Programme and Constitutional SafeguardsRao, K. Koteswara; Sahal, Kalyani; Eswarappa, Kasi; Kumar, K. Anil
2020Block-4 Research Methods and TechniquesKumar, K. Anil; Zaman, Rukshana
2018Block-5 Development Policies, Environmental Impact And Collective ActionKumar, K. Anil; Panigrahi, Nilakantha
2011Block-5 Statistical AnalysisGarg, Neha; Kaliraman, Rajesh; Naidu, G.S.; Das, Mitoo; Kumar, K. Anil
2022Block-6 Provisions and Policies for Tribes in IndiaV. N. V. K. Sastry; Madhuri, N. V.; Kumar, K. Anil; Zaman, Rukshana
2022Practical ManualKumar, K. Anil
2018Unit -1 development projects and Displacement in indiaKumar, K. Anil
2021Unit-1 Concept of TribeKumar, K. Anil
2021Unit-1 Concept, Meaning and DefinitionKumar, K. Anil
2020Unit-1 Definition, Scope and Significance of AnthropologyKhattri, Prashant; Kumar, K. Anil
2018Unit-1 History And Development Of Environmental AnthropologyKumar, K. Anil
2018Unit-1 Indigenous Environmental Knowledge Systems And DevelopmentKumar, K. Anil
2020Unit-10 Approaches of Anthropological ResearchKumar, K. Anil
2020Unit-11 Methods, Tools, and TechniquesZaman, Rukshana; Kumar, K. Anil
2020Unit-12 Research DesignKumar, K. Anil
2020Unit-2 Branches of AnthropologyHasan, Rameeza; Kumar, K. Anil
2021Unit-2 Global Distribution of Indigenous PeopleKumar, K. Anil
2022Unit-2 Idea of Indigenous CommunitiesKumar, K. Anil
2018Unit-2 Indigenous Communities And Forest Policies In IndiaKumar, K. Anil
2017Unit-2 Meaning, Scope and BackgroundKumar, K. Anil