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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020-04-07The Basic computer System and Fixed Point NumbersKumar, Akshay
2022Block-1 Basics of Data ScienceKumar, Akshay
2021Block-1 Cyber Security Issues AdminRaut, Anand; Mahapatra, Narayan; Prabhakar, Kiron; Kaur, Gurmeet; Kumar, Akshay
2021Block-1 Data Representation and Logic CircuitsVerma, Seema; Kumar, Akshay
2021Block-1 Database System-Basic Concepts and ModelsKumar, Akshay
2021Block-1 Review of Mathematical and Statistical ConceptsLal, Manohar; Sharma, J.C.; Kumar, Akshay; Prasad, Narayan
2021Block-2 Database DesignKumar, Akshay
2021Block-2 Memory and Input/output OrganisationMittal, Vikas; Mohammad Sajid; Kumar, Akshay
2021Block-3 Structure Query Language and Database DevelopmentKumar, Akshay
2021Block-3 The Processing UnitAgarwal, Poonam; Kumar, Akshay
2021Block-4 Microprocessor and Advanced ArchitecturesVerma, Gaurav; Kumar, Akshay
2020-05-09Cache Mapping and Input/Output OrganisationKumar, Akshay
2020-05-30The Central Processing UnitKumar, Akshay
2020-04-19Combinational CircuitsKumar, Akshay
2020-06-13Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming - An OverviewKumar, Akshay
2020-05-23Discussion on 8086 Assembly Language ProgramsKumar, Akshay
2020-07-01E-learning and its BenefitsKumar, Akshay
2020-04-14Floting Point Numbers Representation and Error Dettection/Correction CodeKumar, Akshay
2021MCSL-223 Computer Networks and Data Mining LabSwathi, K.; Kumar, Manish; Subrahmanyam, V. V.; Kumar, Akshay
2020-05-02Memory Organisation and I/O OrganisationKumar, Akshay