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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Experiment-1 Determination of Planck’s ConstantKumar, Ashok; Gupta, Sanjay
2020Experiment-10 Determination of the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance by Platinum Resistance ThermometerGupta, Ruby; Gupta, Sanjay
2020Experiment-6 Determination of Specific Heat Capacity of a Liquid using the Method of CoolingParthasarthi; Gupta, Sanjay
2020Experiment-9 Determination of Specific Heat of a Liquid using a CalorimeterGupta, Sanjay
2021Ubnit-15 Applied Nuclear ScienceGupta, Sanjay
2024Unit-1 Basic Concepts of Nuclear Reactor PhysicsV. Gopalakrishnan; Gupta, Sanjay
2020Unit-1 Ideal and real gasesGupta, Sanjay
2023Unit-10 Functions of a Complex Variable–AnalyticityGupta, Sanjay
2020Unit-10 The Thermodynamic PotentialsGupta, Sanjay
2023Unit-11 Complex IntegrationGupta, Sanjay
2020Unit-11 Theory of RadiationGupta, Sanjay
2023Unit-12 The Residue Theorem and its ApplicationsParthasarathi; Gupta, Sanjay
2021Unit-13 RadioactivityGupta, Sanjay; Goyal, Ashok
2020Unit-15 Health System ResearchPriyadarshi, Manish; Gupta, Sanjay
2023Unit-2 Genito Urinary SystemGupta, Sanjay; Kamala Ganesh; G. S. Shanthi
2020Unit-2 Molecular velocity distribution functionGupta, Sanjay
2024Unit-2 Nuclear FissionV. Gopalakrishnan; Gupta, Sanjay
2024Unit-3 Designing a Nuclear ReactorV. Gopalakrishnan; Gupta, Sanjay
2020Unit-3 Mean free path and transport phenomenaGupta, Sanjay
2020Unit-4 Brownian motionGupta, Sanjay