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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Experiment-26 Determination of Allyl Isothiocyanate in Mustard OilAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-27 Determination of Reichert Meissl (RM) Value and Polenske Value (PV) in Oils and FatsAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-28 Determination of Peroxide Value of Oils and FatsAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-29 Determination of Sodium Chloride Content in ButterAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-3 Determination of Moisture in Food Products by Hot Air Oven-Drying MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-30 Determination of Gluten Content in Wheat FlourAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-31 Determination of Sorbic Acid in Food ProductsAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-32 Determination of Copper, Zinc, Lead and Cadmium in Food Products by Atomic Absorption SpectroscopyAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-33 Determination of Cholesterol Content in Ghee by GCAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-34 Determination of Vitamin A Content in Ghee by HPLCAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-35 Sensory Evaluation LaboratoryAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-36 Selection of Sensory PanelistsAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-37 Sensory Evaluation of Food Products−Hedonic Rating TestAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-38 Judging of MilkAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-4 Determination of Moisture in Food Products Using Karl Fischer Titration MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-5 Determination of Moisture in Food Products by Dean and Stark MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-6 Determination of Protein Content in Food Products by Kjeldahl MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-7 Determination of Crude Fat in Foods by Soxhlet Extraction MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-8 Determination of Total Fat in Foods by Rose Gottleib MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-9 Determination of Volatile Oil in SpicesAggarwal, Manjeet