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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Module-11 Customer Service-
2017Module-12 Security Processes of Retailers-
2017Module-13 Flow of Goods in the Retail Store-
2017Module-14 Visual Communication in the Store-
2017Module-15 Cashiering Process in the Store-
2017-04-20Module-2 Post Harvest Management of Fruits and VegetablesAdsule, P. G.; Singh, B. P.
2017Module-2 Stock Deck-
2017-04-20Module-2 फलों एवं सब्जियों का कटाई उपरान्त प्रबंधन-
2017Module-3 Building Product Knowledge-
2017-04-20Module-3 Factory Standards an Product SpecificationsNath, K. M.
2017-04-20Module-3 कारखाना मानक तथा उत्पाद विनिर्देश-
2018Module-4 Processing and Value AdditionKaur, Charanjit; Nath, Nirankar
2017Module-4 Up selling-
2017-04-20Module-4 प्रसंस्करण और मूल्यवर्धन-
2017Module-5 Personal Performance Tracking-
2017-04-20Module-5 Quality AssuranceKaur, Charanjit
2017-04-20Module-5 गुणवत्ता आश्वासन-
2017Module-6 Consumer Buying Behaviour-
2017-04-20Module-6 Packaging of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and Their Processed Products-
2017-04-20Module-6 ताजे फल एवं सब्जियों और उनके प्रसंस्करित उत्पादों की पैकेजिंग-