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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Experiment-6 पोषण शिक्षा-
2017Experiment-6 बहुलमापी का इस्तेमाल और रख-रखाव-
2017Experiment-6 बोनमील और मीटमील का गुणवत्ता मूल्यांकन-
2017Experiment-6 मृदा के नमूने में उपलब्ध फ़ॉस्फ़ोरस का निर्धारण-
2017Experiment-6 यंत्रों की मरम्मत व उनका रखरखाव-
2017Experiment-6 विशिष्ट गुरुत्व विधि द्वारा ऐल्कोहॉल का निर्धारण-
2017-04-19Experiment-7 Candling and Grading of Eggs-
2017-04-20Experiment-7 Canning of Oil Sardine in Oil / Brine-
2018Experiment-7 Characterisation of Functional Groups Using IR Spectroscopy-
2017Experiment-7 Chloride-
2017-04-20Experiment-7 Collection and Drying of Air Bladder-
2017-04Experiment-7 Collections of Some Glands for Primary Conservation and Preservation-
2017Experiment-7 Column Chromatographic Separation of Pigments from Green Leaves-
2017-04-19Experiment-7 Composting and Vermi-composting through Recycling of Sericultural Farm Residue-
2018Experiment-7 Conductometric Determination of Acetic Acid Content of Vinegar-
2017Experiment-7 Detection and Determination of Synthetic Colours-
2018Experiment-7 Determination of Ascorbic Acid in A Vitamin C Tablet Iodimetrically-
2018Experiment-7 Determination of Crude Fat in Foods by Soxhlet Extraction MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2017Experiment-7 Determination of Extractable Manganese and Iron in a Soil Sample-