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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Experiment-8 Assessment of Air using Surface Impingement Method-
2017-04-22Experiment-8 Basics of Heavy Metal Detection in Fish Samples-
2018Experiment-8 Bulk Density of SoilMukesh Kumar; Ranvir Kumar
2017Experiment-8 Column Chromatographic Separation and Estimation of Inorganic Substances-
2018Experiment-8 Conductometric Titration of a Mixture of a Strong Acid (HCI) and Weak Acid (CH3COOH) with a Strong Base-
2017Experiment-8 Current and Voltage Measurements-
2018Experiment-8 Determination of Total Fat in Foods by Rose Gottleib MethodAggarwal, Manjeet
2017Experiment-8 Determination of Total Soluble Solids (OBRIX)-
2018Experiment-8 Developing fsms (module 4)-
2018Experiment-8 Different Bread Making Methods-Straight Dough, Sponge and Dough, Activated Dough Development-
2018Experiment-8 Discharge Measurements by V-Notch and FlumeKumar, Mukesh
2017Experiment-8 Estimation of Alkalinity of a Water Sample-
2017-04-19Experiment-8 Estimation of Cocoon Shell Ratio-
2017Experiment-8 Frequency Response of AC Circuit-
2018Experiment-8 Full-Hand Milking of a Dairy Cow / BuffaloSreekumar, D.
2017Experiment-8 Fumigation and Pest Control in Feed Mills/GodownsShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017-04-19Experiment-8 Identification of Foliar Diseases of Mulberry-
2017-04-22Experiment-8 Inoculation Techniques and Incubation of Culture-
2018Experiment-8 Iodometric Determination of Available Chlorine in A Sample of Bleaching Powder-
2017-04-19Experiment-8 Judging and Culling of Layers-