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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 India as a Plural SocietySingh, Archana; Singh, Rita
2020Block-1 Understanding India: major discoursesBhattacharya, Saswati; Nath, Prafulla Kumar; Ehasan Ul Haq; Singh, Archana
2020Block-2 Interrogating Indian Society-IBhashanjaly, Shaily; Gangmei, Thuanbina; Kusum Lata; Keshetrimayum, Otojit; Ehasan Ul Haq; Singh, Archana
2020Block-2 Social Structures and PracticesGangmei, T.; Bhashanjali, Shailey; Singh, Archana
2020Block-3 Interrogating Indian Society-IIKusum Lata; Nath, Prafulla Kumar; Kshetrimayum, Otojit; Ehasan Ul Haq; Singh, Archana
2020Block-3 Social Institutions and ChangeSingh, Archana; Lata, Kusum
2020Block-4 Social Identities and ChangeSinha, Rita; Ahmad, Ajaz; Singh, Archana
2020Block-5 State, Society and ReligionDas, Amiya Kumar; Singh, Archana
-How Colleges Change: Understanding, Leading, and Enacting ChangeSingh, Archana; Murthy, C.R.K.
2020Unit-1 Indological DiscourseBhattacharya, Saswati; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-1 Unity and diversity in IndiaSingh, Archana
2020Unit-10 Family, Marriage and KinshipSingh, Archana
2020Unit-11 Religion and SocietyLata, Kusum; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-12 Race and EthnicityKumar Nath, Prafulla; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-12 SecularismSingh, Archana
2020Unit-13 Polity and SocietySingh, Archana
2020Unit-14 Economy and SocietyKshetrimayum, Otojit; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-2 Colonial DiscourseBhattacharya, Saswati; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-3 Nationalist DiscourseBhattacharya, Saswati; Singh, Archana
2020Unit-4 Subaltern CritiqueNath, Prafulla Kumar; Singh, Archana