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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 IntroductionRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Block-2 Disaster Management: Concepts and Institutional FrameworkRautela, Poonam; Kanal, A. Senthamizh; Bora, Kamla; Pandey, Ranju Joshi; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Block-3 Interrelationship Between Disaster and DevelopmentPandey, Ranju Joshi; Joshi, Bhagwati; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Block-4 Disaster Management: Cross-Cutting IssuesKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep
2020-04-20Disaster ManagementSahni, Pardeep
2020-04-30Introduction to Public Policy, by Faculty of Public Administration, SOSSSahni, Pardeep
2020-05-21Public Administration during crisisSahni, Pardeep
04-May-2020Understanding Good GovernanceSahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-1 Meaning and Classification of DisastersRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-10 Climate ChangeJoshi, Bhagwati; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-11 Disasters and DevelopmentPandey, Ranju Joshi; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-12 Relevance of Indigeneous KnowledgeKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-13 Community Based Disaster ManagementKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-14 Disaster Management StrategiesKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-15 Disaster Management: Case StudiesKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-2 Hazard,Risk and VulnerabilityRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-3 Natural and Man-made DisastersRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-4 Disaster Profile of IndiaRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-5 Disaster Management Act, Policy and Institutional ArrangementsRautela, Poonam; Sahni, Pardeep
2020Unit-6 Disaster Management Cycle with Focus on Preparedness, Prevention and MitigationKanal, A. Senthamizh; Sahni, Pardeep