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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-4 International perspectivePanda, Santosh
2020Unit-1 Conceptual foundationsRani, P. Geetha; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-1 Cost-Effectiveness of distance education in AsiaSwamy, Kulandai; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-1 The Economics of mass distance education – Greville RumbleRumble, Greville; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-2 Cost of distance education in ChinaDing, Xingfu; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-2 Education as investmentAnsari, M.M.; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-2 Educational technology : historical developmentsPanda, Santosh
2020Unit-2 The Distance education chameleon: new technologies and the changing cost-structure of ODL – Thomas HulsmannHulsmann, Thomas; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-3 Comparative cost analysis in distance teacher education – Alison Mead RichardsonRichardson, Alison Mead; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-3 Cost analysis in educationRani, P. Geetha; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-3 Costing open and distance education in IndiaPillai, C R; Naidu, C G; Panda, Santosh; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-3 Training technologyPanda, Santosh
2018Unit-4 Cost Structure in Distance Learning Systems: Case StudiesPanda, Santosh
2020Unit-4 Costing of selective distance learning systems: International case studiesPanda, Santosh; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-4 Generation and utilization of resourcesBawa, M.S; Panda, Santosh
2018Unit-4 State Policy and Funding of Distance EducationPanda, Santosh
2020Unit-4 The Costs and costing of networked learning – Greville RumbleRumble, Greville; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-5 A System-level comparison of cost-efficiency and return on investment related to online course delivery – Thomas R. RamageRamage, Thomas R.; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-6 Activity-based costing models for alternative modes of delivering on-line courses – Chris GarbettGarbett, Chris; Panda, Santosh
2020Unit-7 Private cost of education: a comparative study of distance and campus-based university students in Nigeria (Felix Olakulehin & Santosh Panda)Olakulehin, Mr. Felix K.; Panda, and Santosh; Panda, Santosh