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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 Individual differencesPatra, Swati; Sharma, Ritu; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-1 IntroductionShetgovekar, Suhas; Viegas, Vijay
2021Block-1 Introduction to StressShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-2 Measures of central tendency and variabilityShetgovekar, Suhas; Kulshreshta, Usha; Misra, Monika
2021Block-2 Stress ManagementShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-3 CorrelationShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-4 Management of emotionsPatra, Swati; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-4 Management of EmotionsPatra, Swati; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-4 Motivation and creativityShetgovekar, Suhas; Patra, Swati
2020Block-4 Normal probability distributionGupta, Smita; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-5 Applications of Emotional IntelligenceMukherjee, Swati; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Block-5 Motivation and emotionShetgovekar, Suhas; Gupta, Smita
2020-04-22Living Well during COVID 19 : Priorities and StratagiesShetgovekar, Suhas
2020-05-15Orientation on MA and BA PsychologyMisra, Monika; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020-05-29Psychological Testing: An Overview Programme for MAPC studentsShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-1 Introduction to statisticsShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-3 Introduction to measures of central tendencyShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-5 Emotions, self control and assertivenessPatra, Swati; Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-6 Correlation: an introductionShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-6 Emotions self regards and self actualizationPatra, Swati; Shetgovekar, Suhas