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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-10Block-1 Introduction To Child Care and DevelopmentSen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Block-2 The child: Development in the first twelve monthsChaudhary, Nandita; Kashyap, Meenakshi; Sharma, Neerja; Sen, Rekha S.
2018Block-3 The child : development during toddlerhoodSriram, Rajlakshmi; Kashyap, Meenakshi; Sen, Rekha S.; Mistry, Veena
2018Block-4 The child : development during preschool yearsTuli, Mila; Sen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Block-5 play activities for preschooler-ISen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi; Khosla, Renu; Chadha, Neerja
2018Block-7 Organizing a child care centreSharma, Adarsh; Chadha, Neerja; Khosla, Renu; Sen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018CNCC-2 Practical ManualSen, Rekha S.; Sharma, Neerja; Kashyap, Meenakshi; Chaudhary, Nandita; Chadha, Neerja
2018-01-10Unit-11 Play Activities for Fostering DevelopmentSharma, Neerja; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-12 Physical and Motor Development : Increase in Mobility and ControlSriram, Rajlakshmi; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-16 Play Activities to Foster DevelopmentMistry, Veena; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-19 Enhancing Language SkillsKashyap, Meenakshi
2018-01-10Unit-2 Basic Concepts in Child DevelopmentSen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-23 Play Activities for Developing Cognitive Abilities and Some ConceptsSen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018-01-09Unit-3 Principles of DevelopmentSen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-32 Involving the Family and the CommunityKhosla, Renu; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018-01-09Unit-5 Importance of Play in DevelopmentSen, Rekha S.; Kashyap, Meenakshi
2018Unit-6 Prenatal Development and CareChaudhary, Nandita; Kashyap, Meenakshi