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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2009Unit-1 Energy and DevelopmentAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-2 Energy ConsumptionAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-3 Energy Production TechnologiesAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-4 Environmental Impact of Energy Production and UseAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-5 The North- South DebateAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-6 Energy PolicyAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-7 Energy PlanningAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-8 Energy: The Indian ScenarioAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-9 Economic Approach to the Energy ProblemAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-10 Micro-Economic Perspective and Macro LinkageAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-11 Energy Infrastructure, Services and Efficiency ImprovementAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-12 Social Control of EnergyAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-13 Solar Energy TechnologiesAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-14 Biomass Resources and TechnologiesAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-15 Hydropower and Wind EnergyAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
23-Oct-2009Unit-16 Sustainable Energy for Clean EnvironmentAhmed, Mofiz.U. ,Khan,Mizan.R. ,Vijayshri
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16